mdmpoold is a alternative Server for NPCOMM written by Hiroyoshi Kurohara
( Web: ).

NPComm is a virtual serial port redirector through tcp and udp connections for
Windows. Hiroyoshi Kurohara made his Software closed-source, but made the
Protocol Description public.

mdmpoold adds the functionality of the original Serverpart 'PortServ' to a wider
range of Systems.
Currently it supports linux on different platforms. Tests has been succesful on
It should work on different BSD Systems and Solaris.


mdmpoold has been developed in 1999 until Version 0.2 by  Florian Oelmaier
(Web: ).

I took the work of Florian Oelmaier, did a few cleanups, changed the build
environment to GNU Autotools until the functionality did fit my needs.

As of Florian did his work under GNU GPL, i did this also.

Here's the result:

Current Version is 0.3.1, but keep in mind, this website isn't updated as
often as the code itself, so this information could be outdated.


Stephan Seitz

schwarzmode developer :)